I’m still not entirely convinced that I was gone for a month. People keep asking me, “How was your trip?” and my response for the first few seconds would just be a confused look on my face. I’m not sure if I’m in denial because the trip wasn’t exactly how I expected or if it’s because I don’t feel like the same person I was when I was there or anything of the like. For weeks I’ve been meaning to make a post or write something or even just post some photos at least but I keep putting it off because I’m not even sure how I feel or how I felt when I was there.

This trip was a big step for me, as someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, but I am so grateful I was able to experience what I did. There were definitely high and low points. I’d have panic attacks and then be overwhelmed with bliss, but in the end, I am just so thankful and enlightened because of all the emotions I did feel. Basically, this post is just for myself to get things moving a bit. So enjoy some of these photos I managed to get in the surrounding area of my first Villa.

My first Villa was about an hour and a half away from the airport. It was absolutely picturesque and rustic and comfortable. The first week spent there was mostly settling in and trying to get rid of the jet-lag from 21 hours of travel. Luckily, the scenery was incredible.

Photo 2017-10-23, 9 09 36 PM

Photo 2017-10-23, 9 08 59 PM

Photo 2017-10-23, 9 07 01 PM

Photo 2017-10-23, 9 07 54 PM

Photo 2017-10-23, 9 06 27 PM

Photo 2017-10-23, 9 05 09 PM

When I first decided to go and roam a little bit, I thought I’d start with going down to the beach. Turns out the beach was about a two and a half hour walk from my place and there was no chance in hell I was going to rent a scooter there. I got very accustomed to walking about 5 hours or so a day. It took a little while to get used to the humidity though and even by the end of the month you could tell I was from Canada solely on the amount of sweat dripping from me.

It was very stressful and discouraging being so far from the beach and touristy areas because it is not what I was expecting but I realized that I was lucky, really. I got to really see Bali as it is, instead of just the tourist traps. It is very humbling seeing so many people living in slum-like conditions with garbage all around, stray animals roaming around and a stench of burning… something, yet all of these people I saw were smiling and laughing with each other. One morning I was walking down a street and, being the only white person in the area, I got a lot of stares. This one older man was walking by me with a stern look on his face and as I passed I gave him a smile in which he returned an even larger heart-warming grin. Maybe distracted, but always happy I’ve noticed. I would have little kids riding by me on their way to school dressed in their red and white uniforms yelling good morning to me while laughing to their friends about why there’s this white chick who has no idea where she’s going in their neighborhood. One thing I really loved about Bali was the people.

Photo 2017-10-23, 1 49 20 PM

Photo 2017-10-23, 1 47 56 PM
Leaving at 6 in the morning to make it down to the beach before I got heat stroke made for lovely sunrises.

Photo 2017-10-23, 1 46 29 PM

Photo 2017-10-23, 1 45 38 PM

Photo 2017-10-23, 1 44 20 PM

Photo 2017-10-23, 1 43 40 PM

Photo 2017-10-23, 1 43 04 PM

Photo 2017-10-23, 1 41 41 PM

Photo 2017-10-23, 1 35 37 PM
This is my favorite street that I had walked down during my stay

Photo 2017-10-23, 1 36 32 PM

Photo 2017-10-23, 1 42 14 PM

Photo 2017-10-23, 1 34 40 PM
The hardest part of my trip was not being able to pet and snuggle all the stray dogs.

Photo 2017-10-23, 1 31 28 PMPhoto 2017-10-23, 1 40 37 PM

Photo 2017-10-23, 1 38 04 PM

Photo 2017-10-23, 1 37 25 PM

Thanks for paying attention to me.

Stay tuned for some more Bali adventures coming soon.


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