just photos


Well Hi,

It’s a somewhat unusual thing for me to put my life on display in such ways as a blog, but I’ve decided that I need some sort of outlet for me to show my photos and my feelings about said photos. I am 20 years old and from a small town just outside of Vancouver, B.C. I’ve had a lot of passions growing up but undoubtedly one that always stuck was photography. I never really considered pursuing it as a career or anything of the sort because I figured there are so many out there that competition would be tough. As I’ve been growing up and trying out new things and new hobbies I’ve realized that if it’s something that I love doing, it will work out for me.

So that’s where this comes in. I’ve decided to start a blog for my travels. I’m no longer concerned about making a ton of money or worrying about my future. Right now my main concern is my happiness and exploring new things. So if you’re reading this now I hope you continue coming back for more and I hope my life isn’t too boring of a blog for you.


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